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Dive Site of the Month

Over the past month the North of the Komodo National Park has been on FIRE!!! The visibility has been absolutely stunning, the marine life has been incredible, and we've once again been debating the best dive sites in the National Park...

Where is the Cauldron? 
The Cauldron is in the North of the Komodo National Park. It sits in-between Gilli Lawa Laut (island close to the water) and Gilli Lawa Darat (island close to the sea). The strong currents that channel between these two island has created an incredibly interesting topography and it truly is one of the dive sites that give the Komodo National Park it's name for currents!

What does the divesite look it? 

This site starts as a beautiful sloping coral reef, as you head East the reef starts to plateau out before reaching a drop - this is the cauldron. This is a huge basin that has been carved into the seabed by the impressive currents racing back and forth through this channel. The edge of the Cauldron is at 15m and drops dow…

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