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Conservation Corner - 5 small changes to help protect our oceans

Here at Scuba Junkie Komodo we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and reduce plastic use. Here are a few changes we have made, and maybe some that you could too!

1. Swapped our supplier for toilet paper

Ok, so this doesn't sound like a big thing, but changing the supplier of our toilet paper has massively reduced the amount of plastic that arrives in the resort. Our original supplier had each toilet roll wrapped in plastic, or groups of 10 wrapped in plastic. However, our new supplier wraps them in paper, yay! As a busy resort we go through nearly 200 toilets rolls a week - so even this small change has a big impact!

2. Started using home made cleaning products

The chemicals found in cleaning products are extremely harmful to the delicate marine eco system. We are starting to introduce using more natural based products that reduce impacts and will keep our oceans a little bit healthier and happier!

3. Stock reef friendly suncream

Every year  6,000 - 8…

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