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Our Sea View Bales

Currently, our Komodo beach resort has two styles of accommodation. We have our gorgeous sea view rooms, or our stunning bales!

We often get lots of questions about our bales, so we thought it was time to explain a little about them.

What is a bale?

A bale is traditional Indonesian style accommodation. Made from wood, it gives an authentic feel, allows the fresh air to flow through and you can feel completely immersed in nature. 

Is there somewhere to lock away valuables?

The area we are in is extremely safe, but if you are concerned about your valuables then we have a safe in our office for our guests to put things in

Are they private?

The sides of the bales are closed off, and a blind comes down at the front so they are private. If you don't want to share with someone else, then it's no problem to book it as a private bale (subject to availability)

Can we charge things in there? 

There is electricity in the bales, so there's a light, a fan and charge points as well

Do they have m…

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