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The Marine Megafauna Foundation

The Marine Megafauna Foundation originated in Mozambique studying the whale shark and manta ray population in the area. Andrea Marshall and Simon Pierce, the founders , developed their friendship there  researching their beloved megafauna (manta rays and whale sharks respectively). Through research and hard work, Andrea Marshall specified the current two species of Manta (although we should say Mobula now!) – the Manta ( Mobula ) alfredi and Manta ( Mobula ) birostris . Also know as the Reef and Giant mantas (or known to many of you as our dive boats!). Fast forward ten years and they have developed from two passionate scientists to a globally based program that aims to promote education, conservation and research of the marine world. Currently they have bases in Mozambique, America, and South East Asia.   Not only that but the founders are now revered as the experts in their field and to go to people with any questions regarding our flappy or spotty friends.

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