Diving with Scuba Junkie Komodo

Photo courtesy of Bernie Maroney

The day starts early, we meet anywhere between 6.15am and 7am. The reason for this being that we want to beat the other boats to the park! When you get yourself out of bed you can help yourself to a delicious coffee and catch the end of a beautiful sunrise. There’s toast available as a light breakfast, but its best to save your appetite for breakfast on the boat. 


Once the boat is set up and ready to go we use our small boat – the Delphinus - to take you to our dive boat. Either the Birostris or the Alfredi will be your boat for the day. Both boats are spacious, clean and perfectly set up for diving. Many of the boats used in the park are fishing boats that have been converted to dive boats. We are proud to say that both our boats are custom made for diving. On the boat we serve a delicious cooked breakfast. Take your pick from omelettes, pancakes or our bread that is made on site!
After filling yourself up you can sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery of the national park as we travel out for the first dive. The Komodo National Park is made up of three big islands – Komodo itself, Padar and Rinca. It then has over a hundred smaller islands and rocks. Travelling past these islands shows some of the most stunning topography in Asia. 

As we approach the first dive site the crew will gather everyone together for a big group dive briefing. Using a map they will describe the site and give information on the dive, what can be seen, what the currents can be doing and give thorough information on safety procedures. The diversity of the diving in this area is insane. One dive you are swimming with mantas, the other you are finding blue ring octopus…on some both can be seen at the same time!! There really is something to please everyone. Not only that, but the coral is colourful and pristine. Sitting in the middle of the coral triangle, Komodo is one of the most biodiverse places in the world!! 

After the first dive any food that was left over from breakfast can be snacked on. The boat slowly travels to the second site of the day. You can relax on the sun deck on top of the boat, or sit on the bow – enjoy the sunshine and marvel as the water comes alive due to the currents. After the second dive is lunch. Everyone gets their own little lunch box filled with rice and delicious Indonesian curries. If you are vegetarian, or gluten free, never fear! We cater to all dietary requirements.
After the third dive it’s time to head home. This is usually where everyone falls asleep on the bean bags spread around the boat. It’s exhausting doing all that amazing diving! We generally get back from the days diving around 4.30. When you get back there is a delicious snack waiting for you – you’re not going to go hungry here! There are cold beers in the fridge and everyone relaxes on the deck watching the sunset behind Komodo island. We all discuss the days diving, and usually someone brings out the guitar and gets playing. The resort is surrounded by nature, dragonflies and butterflies flutter around the resort; it truly is an idyllic place for your dive holiday. 

So what are you waiting for? Send us an email: scubajunkiekomodo@gmail.com and find out what availability we have! 


  1. Yup, you said it ...& its all true ...been there done that ...more than once I'm so pleased to say!
    The whole SJ "thing" there is incredible ...location, resort, food, diving - backed up by an awesome management team making sure your health (ie dive safety) & wellbeing (food is ace, beer is cold!) are top priority!
    I can't wait to get back to SCUBA JUNKIE, mad for it!!!


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