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On Monday our dives were treated to a site worthy of the upcoming 'Blue Planet II' (Yes, we are very very excited about that release!! And yes, we will be showing it at the resort!)

On Monday our divers saw a pod of dolphins as they descended on Castle Rock - in the North of the Komodo National Park. These dolphins were not just passing by, but they actually saw them indulging in some playful hunting behaviour! The mixture of mature adults and juveniles had a a Bat Fish that they were throwing to each other!* This is surely David Attenborough worthy!

To see a dolphin cruise by is a rare enough thing, but to actually see them exhibiting this kind of behaviour is really something special. That's why we decided to make Castle rock our Dive site of the Month!

Where is Castle Rock? 

Castle Rock is in the North of the Komodo National Park, sitting just a little bit South of Crystal Rock. Right now the waters are still warm, clear and blue!

What does the dive site look like? 

The site is a submerged pinnacle - the top of which sites at 5m. There is a large rocky area at the top that you can use a shelter when doing your safety stop. From this stunning corals reefs slop down to 40+m. Huge Gorgonian sea fans with pygmy seahorses are dotted across the reef, coral bombies are a great place to spot lion fish and large moray eels, and schools of fish swarm the reef.

 When do you dive it? 

This site can be dived in two ways. either when there is no current or when we have a strong rise or fall. So really, at any time. The only time that we avoid this site is when the currents are extremely strong - around full or new moon, as the descent can be a little tricky. Dive the lee side of the pinnacle (the side protected from the current) for a relaxing a fish filled dive. Or dive the 'split', this is where the current hits the pinnacle and is a slightly more challenging way to dive the site. Dived in this way you can sometimes encounter more sharks, or Giant Travelly hunting the schools of fish that love to play in the currents.

What can we see there? 

Well, aside from dolphins hunting, there's all sorts of things you can see! This site is one where we predominantly look for larger things. Sharks, Eagle rays, Turtles, big schools of fish and other stunning pelagic species. Dolphins may not be a regular sightings, but this is definitely one of the sites where you are more likely to see them. If you can tear your eyes away from that spectacular show, then there is some fantastic macro to be seen.  Such as Octopus, pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs.

This site never disappoints and it's easy to see why so many people request to go there again and again! For more information on our dive packages check out our website or send us an email

*Sadly, there were not budding wildlife photographers or film makers on the dive, so we have no footage :( 


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