Diverse Diving in Komodo

The diving in Komodo is home to some of the most diverse marine life in the world, this being one of many reasons why it is such a unique place to come diving. From huge manta rays to tiny pygmy seahorses, it seems like we get it all!  So, what have we been seeing in the blue waters of Komodo recently?


 Well, the Mantas have been out in full force, with divers having hour long dives surrounded by these wonderful creatures. Divers have knelt in the sand in awe as the huge rays have danced, rolled twirled and put on quite the show! You can never get bored of watching these stunning creatures.

But let's take a moment to look elsewhere. We’ve had all kinds of other critters being spotted by our eagle eyed guides recently. Seahorses have been spotted at several dive sites in the Komodo National Park. (Did you know that they are actually endangered? sad times :( ) We’ve got several dive sites where we have encountered not only the ‘common’ seahorse, but also pygmy seahorses and thorny seahorses!

Eagle Ray
We’ve also seen Wonderpus – a rare and elusive cephalopod that is top on the list for many macro lovers! Great nudibranchs, blue ringed octopus, stunning schools of fish, peacock mantis shrimps, eagle rays, leaf scorpion fish, hawksbill turtles, longhorn cowfish, tiny little cuttlefish (take a breath!), huge moray eels, dolphins, dugongs and much more!

Long horn cowfish - photo credit Bent Christensen

Whilst you dive with Scuba Junkie Komodo we aim to show you everything that this area has to offer. Each day will showcase a mix of diving, from currents to schooling fish, from mantas to mimics (or wonderpus!) we want you guys to experience it all!

Leaf Scorpion Fish
So yes, if you come and dive with us in Komodo we’ll show you some big stuff, we’ll for sure have some fun in the current, but let’s not forget those little fishies too. They may not all be pretty, but they all deserve some love!

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Moray Eel - photo credit Bent Christensen


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