FAQs: Scuba Junkie & the Komodo National Park

What is the Komodo National Park?

The Komodo National Park is, first and foremost, huge. It’s 1733 km2 and contains hundreds of dive sites. It consists of three main islands: Komodo (being the biggest island), Rinca and Padar. There are then around 50 or so smaller surrounding islands, seamounts and pinnacles that make up the dive sites. 

Many people just refer to the whole area as ‘Komodo’

The Scuba Junkie Resort sits right on the edge of this stunning National Park

Where can I see the Komodo Dragons?

Despite what their name may lead you to believe, the Komodo dragons are not only found on Komodo island. They are also found on other islands within the Komodo National Park.

To see the Komodo dragons through an organised tour you must have a ranger and go through the Ranger stations. There are two of these in the Komodo National Park; Komodo and Rinca.

Given that Rinca is much closer to our resort than Komodo we go to Rinca island J

Am I too inexperienced?

There can be strong currents....
This is one we hear a lot. Komodo is a famous area and the currents are part of the reason. It’s true, certain dive sites dived at certain times are a definite rollercoaster ride. However, our priority is your enjoyment and your safety! We take everyone’s experience levels into consideration when planning our dive trips.

The currents of the Komodo National Park are tidal based, what this means is that we can predict when the currents will be at their strongest and what direction they will go in. Some dive sites will be best dived on a rising tide, and for some when the tide is falling. Some are best left for when there is no water movement at all – slack tide. By looking at the tide charts we can plan and organise the day to give you the best dive experience possible, whilst also remaining safe.

Not only do we plan our dives very carefully, but here at Scuba Junkie we also keep our group sizes small. We never have more than 4 people to one dive guide, and try our very best to keep it less than that.

No current at all! 

When’s the best time of year to come?

Now, it may sound cheesey but we are lucky that the diving in the Komodo National Park is good all year round! Due to the location of the park the monsoon seasons affect it differently throughout the year.

December – March is considered to be the rainy season. But don’t let this deter you. This is when the conditions allow us to dive more of the Southern sites, such as Padar island. It’s also a fantastic time for Mantas! In the South of the park we will get warm clear waters, where as the north will be a little darker and cooler.

There can be some bigger waves, especially in late January and February. However, due to our sheltered location we are still able to go into the Komodo National Park and do some wonderful diving.

April – November. This is is dry season. The sun shines every day and the North of the Park has great conditions. 30+ visibility, sharks, schooling fish, tuna and much much more. 

Where is the resort?

Our secluded little resort is about an hours boat ride South from Labuan Bajo. We are located on the same island as Labuan Bajo – Flores- but there is currently no road access...which is really part of the charm of the place! No traffic here!

The Resort is the blue dot :) 

How do I get there?

By Plane:
This is the fastest way to get to the area. The closest airport is Labuan Bajo, and there are regular flights from Bali (Denpasar), and semi-regular flights from Jakarta. Check out Skyscanner for the best deals!

By Boat:
This is something people do for the experience. A boat can be caught from Lombok, and it will take about 4 days to get to Labuan Bajo. Stunning scenery and some snorkelling along the way will entertain you.

The day that you check into the resort, please arrive in Labuan Bajo before 1pm.

How far away from the dive sites are you?

The resort is actually just a stones throw away from the Komodo National Park, we’re pretty much as close as you can possibly get! The closest dive site is around 30 minutes away – although we are currently looking for great spots a little closer by. As you travel to the dive sites you can enjoy our spacious and comfortable boats!

Can I snorkel?

Although we are Scuba Junkies at heart, we understand that diving isn’t for everyone. There are some fantastic snorkel spots in the Komodo National Park. And yes, you can still see Manta Rays ;)

Is there anything else to do?

We do recommending diving every day (well, you don’t want to miss anything do you?!) but if you do decide to take a day off then there are a couple of things you can do around the resort...

  Relax on our sundeck 

 Trek the hill behind the resort and see some epic views of the Komodo National Park

Every evening at sunset thousands of fruit bats come out from a small mangrove island close by. With a back drop of a stunning sunset watching thousands of bats fly over your head really is an incredible experience. 
Fruit bats at Sunset
Do you have DIN tanks ?

We have DIN and Yoke tanks available – just let us know what you’d prefer when you check in!

What vaccinations do I need?

When it comes to vaccinations the best thing to do is ask the advice of your doctor J They have knowledge of your medical history and will have the best answer for you

What other land tours do you organise?

Right now we are a dive focused resort. Whilst there are many amazing treks to do on Flores, currently we are not able to arrange them. Please check out Flores Tourism for information on what else there is to do in this area.

Which company does day trips to Komodo Island? 

There are a lot of operators that run daily trips to Komodo island. The best thing to do is have a look online, or book something when you arrive in Labuan Bajo. Don't forget, you will be seeing the Komodo dragons on your last day with us :) 

We want to go to Kelimutu, what's the best way? 

By Plane:
There are flights running every day to Ende, and from there you can organise a car to take you to the lakes. There are many tour operators who can organise this for you. The plane ride is 50minutes long, 

By Car / Bus:
You can also organise a private car or catch a bus to the area. There are many tour operators in Labuan Bajo who can help you with this. 

Check out the Flores Tourism website for more information

If you have any more questions then do not hesitate to get in touch, or check out our website 


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