Developments at Scuba Junkie Komodo

It's been a busy few months here at the Scuba Junkie Komodo Resort. Not only is the high season in full swing, but we have continued to work on the development and improvement of the resort.

Photo Credit: Daan Meiboom

The Jetty: 

As some of you have seen already (whether from seeing it for yourself or from photos) we are in the process of building a jetty. Over  Hari Raya this took a little break, but the construction is back in full swing. Not only will the jetty make getting back to the resort that little bit smoother, but will also provide a fantastic new spot to watch the sunset!

The Bales 

The Bales are part of our budget accommodation, but have proved to be popular with all kinds of travellers that we get at our resort - from backpackers to people on their honeymoon. We recently gave them a little update and added a hanging feature on the outside of the Bale. Now there's the perfect place to hang your towels, bikinis and board shorts at the end of the day!

The Path

We now have extended our concrete path to be running outside all of our Bales. Although we see little rain at this time of the year, there is a 'rainy season' in January / February (a time when we probably see the most Manta Rays!). These concrete paths will make it easier to walk around when the ground has been a little wet :)

So, there's been no rest for the wicked around here! We've also had some incredible dives over the past month - schools of eagle rays, tonnes of macro, mantas and sharks! Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more photos and information. And don't forget our website for prices of our packages!

We're got more things in the pipeline as the year goes on, so stay posted for other things happening at the resort!

Oh, and for those of you who have been wondering, all out dogs are doing great!

Such photogenic pups!!


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