PADI Advanced in Komodo!

The PADI Advanced course – the next step in your journey of recreational diving. Some people like to go straight into it, whilst others wait until they feel more comfortable. Whatever the reason you like to do it, here we will give you some more information on what it entails and why you should do it in the Komodo National Park!

So first of all, what is the Advanced Open Water Course?

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is made up of 5 dives. There are two that are compulsory.

Underwater Navigation
  • This dive focuses on developing your skills at navigating. You will increase your confidence in recognising natural features during a dive that will assist in your underwater orientation. You will fine tune your compass skills and strengthen your ability to work alone and as a buddy team in navigation.  

 Deep Adventure Dive 
  • This dive will give you the knowledge and skills to dive deeper than 18m safely and confidently. Your instructor will talk about the effects on the increased pressure, colour changes and much more. It may seem a little daunting, but 25m doesn’t feel any different to 18m – just a little darker!

You then have three other adventure dives you can choose from. We highly recommend the Peak Performance Bouyancy dive. This dive focuses on your breathing and underwater control. This is a dive that no matter how many or for few dives you have – your confidence underwater will greatly benefit from it.

Other options available are:

Drift Diving - In Komodo…makes sense to us! What better place to learn about current?!

A.W.A.R.E Fish ID – Want to know the difference between surgeonfish & butterflyfish? What about different types of sharks? Octopus? Rays? This dive will open up a whole world of knowledge! You will also learn about how we can protect the underwater world. 

Night Dive – Learn new skills and see the underwater world in a whole new (lack of) light
Underwater Naturalist - Not only do you learn about different fish species, but also corals, shrimp, crabs and all that you can see in the underwater world! 
Multi -level and Computer diving - Learn more about how to structure the profile (how deep you are) for your dive. Take a more in depth look at planning your dives and how to use a dive computer. 

And much more! 

Do I have to spend a day in the classroom?

Not for this course! There is a little theory to complete, but this can be done between dives or in the evening as you enjoy the sunset. For each adventure dive you do there is a chapter in the Adventures in Diving book. Each chapter is about 30 pages long and has a knowledge review at the end. Once completed your instructor will go through each one with you, making sure everything is clear. 

Why do your course in Komodo

Komodo has such a breathtaking array of marine life and such interesting currents that you are sure to learn so much! Our experienced instructors will be impart all their wisdom and knowledge, whilst keeping the course fun and professional. 

Our spacious and comfortable boats are a great place to complete the knowledge review section of the course. 

Not only that, but if you complete your Advanced Open Water course with us before the end of August you are can enter a competition to win a trip to Bali! 

Here's a few other reasons why: 

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